Developer programm for plugin devs?

Hi, is there some sort of official developer programm for plugin devs aside from this board?

Like a mailing list where one will receive notifications about preview versions or upcoming features (product and api-wise) etc. in some condensed manner? I’m asking because we’d like to increase the velocity of our dev. cycle when it comes to adapting to new Rhino features.


I know about the documentation, we are using it extensively :wink: still, thank you for the response.

We don’t have any special “developer program”, but we are always looking for ways to improve communication with the developer community. Do you have something in mind that you think would be useful?

Having access to preview builds or release candidates and detailed (developer oriented) release notes for Rhino and the Rhino API would be great. Basically everything that would allow plugin devs to react faster and adopt the new features and opportunities to add complementary functionality.

A mailing list/rss feed providing links to downloads and release notes for upcoming releases would be a great start.

Hi @ParanoidAndroid.

Weekly releases, including service release candidates, are announced in the Serengeti category, along with a log of what’s new and fixed.

– Dale

Perfect, thank you.