Developer moving from Grasshopper to Rhino (is there a similar sdk?)


I’m relatively new to .net development and am fishing around for a Rhino3d SDK (ideally c# or c++, both are fine) similar to the Grasshopper SDK that has a basic development template (very useful for starting out).

I tried downloading the c++ sdk per this link but received a vb error which seems a little confusing as the link is listed as c++.

If examples don’t exist I’d appreciate any suggestions. I am trying to port work over from the Grasshopper component environment into Rhino as a plugin.

Getting started with c++ is a lot different than getting started with c# - you will need the full visual studio for c++, but express works just fine for c#. Do a search through the Developer forum and you’ll find more detailed info regarding c++ (I forget the details).

I think these may be the links you are looking for:
c# -see Project Wizards: