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We have written a fairly complex plugin that inserts our ERP system directly into Rhino, and quotes jobs directly inside of the rhino interface. Plugin does a lot of hocus pocus in the rhino end to deliver values to an API that hooks into our system to deliver a price, the plugin is also a fully versed file handling system.

We are looking to engage a 3rd party developer ongoing so we can can explain our code and have that person maintain it moving forward.

Developer would need to be rhino proficient for a start (c#, rhinocommon) but will also need experience writing and working with API’s like Braintree, Microsoft AX, Azure, general SQL and some json / xml wrapping.

No current development is required, code works for release, but when we release the ERP, the system will be inhouse use only, we need to branch it to outside contractors and finally directly into our clients PC’s so heavy development ahead. Presumably a LOT of optimizing can be done to turn 6000 lines of code into far less and run faster. We have also started the work in Python to write a custom OS for python based controller system for a 3d printer we will release early next year, which will need an API to only accept files directly from our plugin.

If a candidate is Sydney based we are also looking to employ another C# coder generally, and that candidate can then be a full time employment position with other goals for our other business entities.

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