Developer docs link update for C#

In the Developer Prerequisite Programming Knowledge - C# Watch link to C3 Fundamentals for Absolute Beginners, the link has been updated by Microsoft.

New link …


Done! Thanks for pointing this one out.

FYI, if you’re comfortable using GitHub then you can update the site yourself! (We still have to approve the change, but it’s a quicker process :).)

@will thanks, getting comfortable with it a bit, I still have to look into Markdown.

Is this where all of the Developer Docs live? I believe @dan mentioned that to me quite a while ago.


Yes, this is where all the developer docs live. We are still consolidating and organizing all the docs, but we are getting closer and closer all the time. This is a huge effort many of us have been working on slowly for the past two years. The site is open-source on GitHub, as Will mentioned above. It’s all written in markdown, which takes about an hour to learn and get used to…you probably already know some markdown from Discourse, as the format for posting here is markdown too.

We are actually working on the Rhino 6 version of the developer docs as we speak. In fact, many of the Grasshopper for Mac development guides already live there.

Furthermore, the component documentation for Grasshopper 2 - both internal and third-party authored components - will be written in markdown in a very similar fashion to the developer site (yaml frontmater/metadata, simple markdown syntax). In fact, we based our approach for the developer site on Grasshopper 2’s approach…we’re just going live before Grasshopper 2 does.

Thanks @dan , at least it is not Textile , which I used to know … some.

Great, trying to get back to learning C#, been preoccupied with AppleScript the last few weeks, automating some work stuff. And then there is always Rhino work, eh!


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