Develop a shape with texture

hello, in order to be able to realize this object I would like to develop this shape while keeping the texture as it is. I applied a rectangular texture with a cylindrical mapping and now I would like to get this texture once changed by the mapping. I manage to develop the shape by transforming it into mesh then in Nurbs but I lose the texture. Is it possible to develop a texture on Rhino?

Thanks a lot.

Start out by texturing the NURBS surface. Once you’re happy with how the surface looks, with the material applied and mapped as you want, Mesh the surface. See attached file, with textured object as a surface and as a mesh.

Does that help?

TexturedSrf_and_Mesh.3dm (524.9 KB)

Thanks a lot for your reply and your model.

In fact I am trying to develop the surface that you have modeled with the texture. When I develop the surface I lose the texture.

You’re welcome. I see, so you need to flatten the surface while retaining the texture?

Yes that’s it