Determining normal of textobject

A simple question I hope. I can’t for the life of me see a function that returns the normal vector of a textobject. Can someone help me out here?
Rhino 4

You can try plane=Rhino.TextObjectPlane(t_obj) to get the plane from the text object, then grab the normal which should be plane(3)…

HTH, – Mitch

Thank you for the response.
In VBScript, I don’t think the plane(3) element contains the plane normal vector.

Mich is right - It does over here with VBScript - the 4th element in the array is the plane Z / normal to plane vector.


In VB Rhinoscript, planes are represented by an array of 4 triples -

plane(0) is the origin, plane(1) is the X axis vector, plane(2) is the Y axis vector, plane(3) is the Z axis vector…


OK, thanks gents. I was thinking that they meant something else.
That’s great - appreciate the answer and the clarification!