Determine the component by screenshot

Please help to define this component.


And I’m trying to repeat this result. I was able to define only a part of the definition. Please tell me how the continuation of the definition may look.

The first part of the definition (14.8 KB)

A video on YouTube, the result of which I try to repeat: Algorithmic Modeling Cakes - YouTube

Thank you!

It is called Point on Curve


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Thanks, I found

You are trying to replicate Dinara Kasko designs?

Yes, but rather Matthew Shlian

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Wow, thanks

How to make active use point as an attractor for more dynamic and how to use multiple points, for example for more items. And try using a gradient, but I think is not correct.

This is how you can play with multiple attractor points… Or just try to use Pull Point. (22.7 KB)


Great, thank you

And Gradient… (20.1 KB)