Determine all possible positions of a specific arrangement of points on a wider grid

Hi all
i try to make kind of pattern base on a 8x8 grid of squares, what i try to do is that making a smaller group of points on a wider grid that have a proportion of square and after that finding all possible similar combinations of that group of points on wider grid. i guess i reached to the first part that can find a combinations but as u can see from file there are more than only square like arrangement of points so how should i find square-like combinations only?!

Thanks for helping, also i attach both rhino and gh files (11.7 KB)
Grid.3dm (152.5 KB)

Well the attached (voted by Code Project as the most stupid [and slow and naive] C# of the decade) does the following: for a given pt in a random pts List, finds the prox pts in X,Y (with regard that pt) and then finds all the points where their X,Y are within the given Interval (derived form a box containing pt, prox X, prox Y): (125.1 KB)

1Z dollars Q: does any of the above make any sense? No I’m afraid (life sucks).

Check this as well. (20.9 KB)

wow, maybe it’s slow but sounds so cool ! :smiley: problem is that the rules over creation of pattern are given to me and are so rigid, that’s why i just can work with very specific combinations.

If you can explicitly (and clearly as possible) enumerate the rules … then I could add some lines more to that thing.

For intance: Select N points that are prox to any given point and their X/Y ratio is > than this … or find the “most compact” sets or … etc etc.

See attached (added randomly 2 more options) (121.0 KB)

And this (one or all points option) makes rather far more sense (127.5 KB)