Detergent Bottle

Can somebody please help me with the following :slight_smile:

  1. creating the surface between the handle the fluidic one.
  2. creating the offset depression on the larger part of the bottle.

I tried a lot of times with the following commands, sweep 2, extrude curve, project, boolean commands etc but failed to get the desired result.


I would try darwing the curve shape of the depression, pull curve to the bottle , split , offset and fillet edges
The handle: best cut the ends then finish the bottle body (without handle) then create desired handle and boolean union with the body

Thanks Javier for the prompt reply, I got the first one ! Trying the second !

Could you solve the problem?
iโ€™d been drawing some iideas.
Sometimes Rhino returns terrible results with swipe2 (ugly surfaces) , _BlendEdge,_FilletEdge (when the radius is big) and so

Hello - to make the depression -

  1. OffsetSrf to say 2 mm
  2. Trim the bottle and the offset with the shape curve from the side view,
  3. This is the trick: Extrude the trimmed edge of the bottle inward normal to the surface (Fin command) 3 or 4 units.
  4. FIlletSrf at say 3 units from the bottle to the fin surface.
  5. FilletSrf from the first fillet to the offset surface.
    This gets you fillets that are larger in radius than the depth of the depression and true rolling ball fillets all the way around - if that is needed,


Yes but For me the challenge is the handle, itโ€™s more complicated than what it seems at first sight

I tried several commands and none was satisfactory, (surfaces that turn on themselves, or go beyond the limits of the curves-path)
Im google translating I do not know if it is correct what I am saying

Hello - yeah, I know, Iโ€™ll see if I can lay out a reasonable workflow for that when time allows.


botella 001.3dm (4.1 MB)