Detect where subd is open

Hello people …

I have a Sub D structure … which is quite complex and big … When i wanted to Refference it into Grasshopper it would not do the Job nicely because the SubD was open…

Now i am Unable to Spot where i have done my mistake… Cant seem to find where its open .
Is there an easy way ?

Hi, could you make a copy of the Subd, then convert it to nurbs, then use analysis tools for naked edges? Might show where to look.—-Mark

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In the SubD Tools there is a “fill subd hole” command. Use this and select your whole subd and it should highlight the hole.

Thanks that was the one ! … I used “mark naked edge”
The problem was that i had one micro subd part floating outside the model . So Rhino thought its still open …
IT was only visible when in nurbs mode tho ! in subd mode it was invisible …

Anyways thanks alot for the help :smiley:

Tested with low face’s count


Ill remember that one too :wink:

Hello - ShowEdges > Naked edges works on SubD as well as surfaces and meshes.