Detect overlaps Crv

can rhino find overlaps ?

Hello - does Intersect find anything?


it actually helps!
don’t know why I didn’t think of it :slightly_smiling_face:
edit: its definitely a cool way to use _Intersect
thnx again @pascal

You can also try the following script… (1.2 KB)


thnx mitch!
for some reason overlap wasn’t detected.overlap_test.3dm (429.5 KB)

It won’t detect those as that is an overlap within a single curve (self-intersecting) and not between two or more curves. There is no provision for detecting these types of overlaps in the script. Rhino itself has a hard time finding it, you need a script to detect the self-intersection.

As the curve in question is closed, running CurveBoolean on it will fix it in this case.


rgt! it actually works (I just forgot to explode the plan)
thnx again Mitch!