Does anyone have a way to use the detailscale field in a block?

I am unable to put the detailscale field in text unless I specify a detail view. I would like to have a block I can drop on a layout and link to a detail view at that time.

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You can set the field to look for a named detail. Then just make sure to name the detail that you want to get the scale from.

How is that done?

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It’s somewhat involved…

  • Create a detail
  • Run Text and hit the fx button, then pick DetailScale
  • Check the Use detail attribute name option
  • Specify a formatting
  • Click the Select Detail Object button

That will give you this text field:


Here, you can fill in a name between the two first quotation marks. Alternatively, name the detail before creating the text field.




  1. Is there any way to put DetailScale in a block and have Rhino prompt for the detail when the block is placed?

  2. On the mac at least, Detail Scale will not go into the text unless you specify a block. It does not appear to insert otherwise. You can edit after insertion.

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Partly. It will prompt you for both the text field and the detail. It’s on the list to make that smarter at some point.

  • Create a dummy text object
  • Run ConvertTextToBlockAttribute
  • Provide a Key name and, optionally, a Default value with a reminder tip on what to do
    • If you also provide an optional Prompt, that will show instead of the key when inserting the block
    • I have a T/B with several fields and the Default value reminds me which text field to pick and / or which object this applies to
  • Then turn that text object into a block

You will be asked to fill in the block attribute value but you can click fx to get into the regular text field dialog where you select DetailScale and select the detail.

%<UserText(“block”, “DetailScale”, “”, “Click fx, then DetailScale and select the detail”)>%

… will prompt the following when you define the block and when you later place an instance:

I’m afraid I don’t understand what that means.


I presume that I am supposed to get something like this:

%<DetailScale("%<UserText(“block”, “Detail”, “Detail”,"")>%",“1:#”)>%

but that particular example does not work. Does the DetailScale go into the UserText or the UserText in the DetailScale? What needs to be quoted?

Hi -

Like I said, this only works partly and looking into a smarter way of doing that is on the list.

You can’t currently pre-define a text field and need to select that, and the object, when the block is placed.

The only thing that currently works is this:

%<UserText(“block”, “Key”, “Hi there”, “Remember to jump through the correct loops”)>%