DetailScale Text field within Block Attribute Field

Hi there, I just ran into a bug that I think wasn’t there before. We use a Title Block, block with Attribute fields for our title blocks and within this we use the DetailScale text field and it seems to be working well when navigation through the different pages, but when Printing to PDF the Scale within the title blocks gets populated with the value of the page currently in view and if I print from a world view the scale gets populated with ####. Please see example files.
DetailScale Issue.pdf (513.6 KB)
DetailScale Issue.3dm (5.7 MB)

Has anyone else run into this bug?

Hei -

Sorry for the late reply.
Yes, I filed and tested the fix for this in March - RH-63355.
The fix went into Rhino 7.6 which has been available as a release candidate for a while and which became a final service release a few hours ago.