Details in Rendered Mode issue

I’ve been running into an issue where Details in Rendered Display Mode display oddly.

4 viewports in RDM:

Creating a Layout with 4 details results in this:

As you can see the parallel views have dark shading at the steep viewangles.
I did some testing and found out it is related to the camera position:

It appears that a camera set to close to the objects will cause this incorrect shading @jeff is that a bug or otherwise unintended behaviour?
It’s rather cumbersome to distance the camera for each detail to solve this so a fix would be much appreciated.

I’ve got the default Rendermode set and:


I sometimes run into this problem in Keyshot, it’s often
where the lens starts to bisect the model.

As an example, when I render an object in Keyshot in
orthographic mode it often cuts into the model when I zoom in, I have to choose
perspective mode and manually change the focal length to say 35 as it’s often
at 0.1 or some silly figure.

Once i’ve changed that and switch back to orthographic mode
I can zoom in as close as I want to without this strange artefact.

Sounds like you have the same issue here?

My guess is that this is an unintended result caused by the SkyLight shader running in a parallel projection…but again, that’s my guess. What happens if you turn SkyLight OFF? Do you still get the “dark shading”. The way the ambient occlusion gets done in real time is based on distances and normal directions…so I can see how changing the camera would change the effect.

I also don’t think should be bound to only detail views…do you not get the same results in any parallel/ortho view? I guess that also depends on where the camera’s physical location is set in those views as well…but I would think that you could position the camera in say the Front view, so that eventually you get the same effect you’re seeing in detail views.

Not sure what to do about this atm (if it is indeed related to the Sky Lighting effect).


Hi Jeff,

All your assumptions seem right as my tests confirm the behaviour you describe.
@stevebaer are you the man to ask for a different setup for the default camera’s in details.
If they are placed much further from the subjects the rendered views with skylights are as expected.


@jeff and @andy can probably help here too. They know a lot more about controlling attributes of rendered views than me. If you guys have something that I need to fix, please throw it on my youtrack list. Thanks

I believe it’s not so much about the rendered view but the parallel camera position being too close to the subjects.

As Jeff points out, and my tests confirm, a (parallel) camera set very close to an object affects the realtime ambient occlusion for skylights in a ‘bad’ way.
A parallel camera set in details somehow is very close to the subjects. If there is easy control over this and there are no known downsides I like to suggest to set a parallel camera further from the subjects as a means to prevent this ‘glitch’ from being too present.


Naive me would suggest to overwrite the camera position for parallel views to a position far far away from the subjects. …