Details: How: Same text size in model as in detail?

I need to have some text in the model, and I need that text to keep the real life scale when I make a detail, but the detail scales the text size. Is this possible?

This data is used in multiple details and also as references when modelling:

But when I add a detail it looks like this:

And visa versa, when I make an illustration in the model and add the dimensions it has to look like this:

For it to look like this in the detail:

Am I doing something wrong?

Check out Annotation Scaling


Thnkx, that was intuitive… :smiley:

And another question, when I work in scale 1:1 (meters) and the layout has a detail that is 1:100 and I copy paste an object from the model to the layout then I have to scale it with 10x… why not 100 x? Do you know?

The Detail scale is not relevant when pasting onto a Layout.

When you copy an object the size of an A4 onto a layout of A4 size the sizes should line up.

It could be your units for layouts are different, causing confusion:

Am I missing something?