Detailed manual available?

I’m brand new so forgive me if this has been covered. I did not find it in a search.

Being new, when I want to do a thing, I can’t always find how or with which tool. A search on a command leads me to tutorials and examples, but no comprehensive explanation. Manuals are boring to read, true, but a great way to get quickly to the exact knowledge you need. I’m accustomed to them for other CAD packages. Examples on the other hand don’t necessarily cover the thing you want to do and you have to spend time just sort of experimenting. (It’s possible the creators of this software have determined that’s the best way.)

Maybe there is a manual detailing each command and its uses, options, and parameters and I just haven’t found it. Thank you for any response.

That would be the on-line help file:

You can also turn on the command Help by right-clicking next to e.g. the Layers tab in the panel:

Yes, if the online manual is it, then I will just do my best. I am for example struggling to get FilletSrf to do what I think I want it to do, and there is no dedicated section in the manual for it. It may be that experience is the only guide in several cases. Thanks.

There is always this discussion group. If you get stuck, post your example geometry and just ask!