Detailed list of changes

I fear that is not easily possible, but want to ask:

Can we have a complete list of changes V5->V6?
Not internals of course.

I find that this would be useful for me too.

This will only give you the “publicly viewable” issues which is around 5,800 versus the 10,700 we can see internally.

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Happy reading…

They wanted the detailed list :slight_smile:

Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Information by obfuscation.
You want to attract users.

I thought of something like this:
Refit is now off by default
DPI aware linewidth
GPU tesselation for curves
Raytraced mode (Cycles)
New option: Mirror on axis
New option: Select faces

Just giving you what you asked for. There’s no obfuscation in that list; it includes all of the gory details. It is not something I would use for “attracting users”.

I’m guessing you want something more like this. NOTE: THIS LINK WILL PROBABLY CHANGE ONCE WE RELEASE.

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Thank you, that helps a bit.

So there are 2 choices:

  • the YouTrack list
  • or marketing material

Now I know enough.
Especially how to ask.

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I’m sure there are more choices; these two involved no extra effort on my part :slight_smile:

That page is good for me. Thanks.

Note that you can make searches for keywords on the page too. For instance add #Sweep1 to the end of the search parameters in the search box…