Detailed camera controls

I’m missing the possibility to control certain parameters of the camera:

  • sensor dimensions
  • toggle between horizontal and vertical FOV calculation
  • shift X, shift Y, alternatively with tilt parameters
  • ability to force viewport to show entire frame

I know that some of these parameters can be set up in render plugins, but then they are not reflected in the viewport. Two point perspective is great, and kind of replaces shiftY, but there are certain cases where you need the ability to shift manually. I also know that sensor size can be compensated for by calculating the lens lenght equivalent of 35mm sensor, but it is not the most convenient workflow, and it doesn’t take into account other aspects of sensor size (like depth of field). Rendering engines do care about the sensor size.

I’m using Rhino as a main tool for archviz, and these are some features that would benefit all visualization workflows.