Detail Print Color vs. Layout Print Color vs

Can someone really in the know explain to me the Hierarchy of propagation of the Layout and Detail Layer properties in Rhino 7 and give me some best simple best practices for reducing the clicks needed to control Line Color, Width, visibility etc.?
I feel like some update took this to another level, and the Documentation has not caught up? Typical Rhino issue… and yet, cutting edge feature! , that maybe no-one has documented how to to effectively use?

I undestand Model Space and Layout space, but activating Details introduces Detail Specific settings? (following logic). with their own layer and line settings.

Let me just state the Obvious:
Activating a Detail is like entering Model Space. Except the line/color settings are unique to that detail? So, if I want to change ALL details Layer Print color, I actually have to do this in Model Space.???
Layout space is anything drawn outside this, OVER the detail. Not activated.
Does that mean I need to use ChangeObjectSpace for anything I want to Control with layout (probably yes.)
So then why would I utilize Detail specific Properties?

I really want Layout Settings (like Print Color) to supercede ALL Details, unless a Detail overrides those settings, yet I don’t think that’s how it works! So I have to Configure every Detail Manually?

I’m going to try naming unique MS viewports and setting Details to them, since I guess Details are only as unique as the Viewports they represent?

Your guidance is so welcome, PDF and Paper space output community.

Hi Sef -

That should be enough to keep any sane person far away from this thread…
Oh well… :see_no_evil:



I’d said “under”, but, same difference…

Because you can’t set those in model space.

That’s correct, it doesn’t.

Yes. Or, set one and copy.

I have no idea what that means…

Thanks for reinforcing my questions / answers @wim .
I hope these help some other folks.
That last bit "…try unique MS viewports and setting Details to them…"was a hopeful test, but a failure… I guess that Detail viewports can only contain/ reference Standard Views + Persp. (Top, Front, etc), not custom viewports?

I do want to point out one gotcha that was killing me (History always does). I was setting Detail specific parameters and another details appearance was changing, and I was tearing my hair out thinking the parameters were not, in fact detail specific but global… until I realized the 2nd Detail had RecordAnnotationHistory on it as it was a copy with History. So, watch out for that crazy maker!

Hi Sef -

I can’t think of a difference between a “standard” and a “custom” viewport?

History has a tendency to come and bite you.

At any rate, Rhino 8 on macOS is more like what Rhino has looked liked on Windows in this respect, and there are no longer two different panels for layers. The layout and detail specific settings will now be available in the same Layers panel and that panel can be set to view all properties, model space properties, or layout/detail properties.

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