Desperately need help creating part of my design on Rhino for Mac!

Cannot for the life of me figure out how to create the top antenna type part of this vinyl toy. This is something I need to do for my degree summer work so I’m desperate! Any tips or tricks? See attached picture of the toy, its the tiny antenna shaped thing right at the top of its head. Picture of vinyl toy


The good news is that you only have to model half of it—being symmetrical in nature you can lean on the commands that can copy and rotate, or mirror, the results of the first half of the antenna that you do need to model.

  • For the initial profile… I’d probably draw an outline of the shape and use the ‘revolve’ command.

  • Follow that up with the ‘Cap’ command to add in the missing face.

  • make a copy, and rotate it into position for the mirror effect. and follow that up with the Boolean Union command to join the two halves together.

  • To flatten out the strict circular results which were created with the revolve command. Use the scale tool, and scale along a single axis… OR, use an axis scale handle on the end of a Gumball axis line to achieve the same thing.

Modeling this with solids…

  • a sphere, added to the top of a column—or truncated cone (if looking to capture the slight taper effect).

  • Boolean Union command to combine the two.

  • Mirror Results

  • and again use the scale tool to flatten things a bit along a single axis.

You’re a star! Thank you so much for taking the time to write that up for me, I’ll give that a go today!