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i think i will have to buy a new computer so i can keep using rhino, the computer i have now has a blue screen crash and can’t be fixed. just wondering what is a good dell desk top, work station computer and what is a good graphics card ?

Perhaps if you described the sort of work you do, what you model, if rendering is important, and what your deliverable products are, you might get some useful direction.

Your question now is more like, “What is the best food?”

The more expensive, the better. :nerd_face:

Dell and good? My experience is so-so. Bloatware spoiled and thermal issues, this is what I think of Dell first. But ok, everybody has its own preferences/experiences. I can not stop saying it, that you don’t necessarily need a high-end setup for the majority of work, but instead I would always advise to not only buy raw power, but also investing in ergonomic gear, some books and to also consider maintenance costs. Often you hear, I do have a budget of x, but hardly anybody considers that yearly extra portion on your energy bill, when running an overpowered office. So always keep an eye on the total watts, and when looking at benchmarking sites look at energy efficiency compared to the total power.

So no, more expensive is not always the best!

:clown_face: I just purchased a Dell laptop.

Personally Dell is quite a good choice for me because I am very good at dropping eletronics… AppleCare+ & Dell’s Accident Protection have saved my ass for a few times…

I do own one too. But my wife is always complaining when I run it in the evening due to the noise it makes. (even in idle, and after many tries to fix it. It’s just badly designed…)
So I switch to my MacBook, but then I can only do half of the things I would like to do. At least it prevents me from playing computer games :stuck_out_tongue: Fun fact, that M1 chip is even much better performing than that “gaming” laptop, unfortunately I can not fully make use of it due to the Arm architecture and the macOS restrictions.

hi john, this is what i have now, it has always done fine with the rhino work i do. is this a good graphics card ? what graphics card do you guys use there at mcneel ?

7730.pdf (86.7 KB)

ok, i agree, what is a good graphics card ? this is what i’ve been using,

thanks for your help.

7730.pdf (86.7 KB)

“Good” is relative to what you’re doing with it and your expectations.

For my limited needs, that looks like quite a good system.
For others with more demanding needs, that would be fairly inadequate.

I have been buying custom built computers for at least 25 years, in doing this I can do research to find what is best for my needs.
Call the company “Puget Systems” in Washington state. I had them build me a computer about 7 years ago and it is still running great. The people there are wonderful and most willing to talk with you whether you buy or not. In my opinion this is the best place to shop, off the shelf computers aren’t worth the price when you have special needs. Danny

thanks, i’m going to call them,

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I am working on configuring a desktop computer and have received from this form excellent technical advise, and tips.

Upon looking over the computer order / specification sheet that was uploaded I see that Onsite repair service is listed. Does anyone have a suggestion (s) of Custom Computer Building Companies that offer Onsite repair ? and ideally the keep your drive / accidental damage service ? (in the USA)

Having Onsite repair and keep your drive may be worthwhile considerations [and Accidental Damage Service to]. I would imagine that not having the keep your drive option could be remedied by being willing to purchase a replacement drive.

Thank you,