Hello,some one can help me to make a definition like this in Gh?


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Hi Ingo,

The answer to your question is “yes”.

But you need to ask a more persuasive question if you want people to devote their precious time to it.

You will find a post on how to ask effective questions in the forum. Have a look and then try again.

Good luck

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Hi Jeremy,

you’re right.But I do not speak English so well.I am jewellery producer in italy and use gh for 1-2 jears.Some things in gh are relatively easy but there are no limits for complications.I have 3 d printers to produce.IMG_20190829_125238~1

Nice work.

Are you aware of the Italian language forum? There is a link in the welcome post at the beginning of this one.


Pf_TweenCurvesPulseRing - Requires Weaverbird (47.3 KB)
Well the Definition is included in Pufferfish V2.6 Examples

Where you find this image? if you have a clear one you can recreate the definition

We don’t have it uploaded clear enough to copy as it is work from our workshop, however it is not hard to do especially in new Pufferfish.

@ingoklammer78 look at Pufferfish’s Curve Coil Points component.
(also this isn’t a “do my homework” or “do paid workshop stuff for me for free” group :grinning:, let’s see some attempts from your end)


That is a different ring (from the same workshop). That makes this ring:

oh okay i didnot look at it, anyways this also might help !


Preformatted text

`Hi everyone, thanks for your support I take a look on this in munday. @Michael_Pryor I am interested for a collaboration for our work,maybe we can find a solution to make a collection. Have a nice day…

Hi…the image are not clear enogh to recreate the definition…
always are difficoult for me…i have tried it

someone can help me for a donatien?


nobody can help me :thinking:

this isn’t a “do my homework” or “do paid workshop stuff for me for free” group

what attempt have you made of it? did you try the curve coil points component from Pufferfish as I suggested?



Actually this is my attempt… I’ll be sharing script soon. Rendered using keyshot.

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Definition Screenshots:

I can’t share the definition file because you didn’t upload any try of yours. Understand the screenshot and explore it in your own style.


Actually this is my attempt… I’ll be sharing script soon.

Well not quite “your” attempt, being I have the original definition and your screenshots are the same definition, so you have seen it a better quality somewhere, or you have really good eyes :smiley:

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Definitely the definition is your’s. I just tried with the blurry image I got. Again just attempt is mine.
I’m not the orginal author of this definition.
Original definition credits: @Michael_Pryor and Team DesignMorphine


Sorry for the confusion here, I am not blaming you for anything :smiley: I am just impressed with your skills in seeing that image (I certainly cannot see it well).


Hi @ajarindia your ring are amazing…:heart_eyes:
I don’t have upload becouse this definition I don’t understand…but I will try to remake the definition an understand it better. Gh for me is new but I love it

@Michael_Pryor for me is not only homework, I am interested for our workshop but I don’t have see new data on our website. Existing in future other workshops?