Designing measurment cups and containers

I’m designing measuring cups. I need tips on how to create containers with specific volumes.

Depends on which parameters of your shape are variable and which are constant. Volume scales with the cube of linear size, so you can always uniformly scale a shape up or down to achieve a specific volume. The formula for this is:

f_{scale} = \frac{\sqrt[3]{V_{target}}}{\sqrt[3]{V_{current}}}

or, in GH speak: volume (14.5 KB)

If on the other hand your variables and constants necessitate a linear but non-uniform scaling, then you’ll either get regular square roots or just straight up division depending on whether you’re scaling one or two directions while keeping the remainder locked.

Still, it’s also possible your setup doesn’t even allow for linear scaling. Perhaps your shapes are such that they can only deform in non-linear ways. In those cases (unless you can come up with an analytic equation) you’ll have to resort to an iterative process, for example by using Galapagos: square (25.2 KB)

Thank you for your response. The shape I’m trying to create is non-uniform shaped nesting cups.