Designing for Timber online workshop for architects by Design-to-Production

Designing for Timber workshop by Design-to-Production
Date: February 01-3,
Time: 3 times 2 hours; 19h30-21h30 CET
Tutors: Evy Slabbinck and Martin Antemann (both Design-to-Production)

With climate change in mind, timber construction is the future! Building in wood is sustainable, efficient, and lightweight—and has a lot of architectural qualities. Join this workshop and learn all about the material, its detailing and fabrication, and how all this influences the planning process. We share our knowledge in an interactive practice-based manner. And with our holistic approach, we want to enable participants to develop in-depth knowledge and confidence to design innovative timber structures.

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Posted Jan 29, 2021 by Verena Vogler on Rhino News, etc.