Designing an Eroded Tower for School

Hi. I’m trying to make a GH script for a tower that goes from smooth at the bottom to rough/geometric at the top. I have tried finding/following videos but none of them are exactly right for what I need. Please help. Something like this:

Awesome. Anyway this could be attached on a non-cylindrical form? Can I just plug my own polysurface in?


No. Reading the code would tell you that.

Is there a way the “bubbles” on the surface could be subtracted from the surface?

Some go in, some go out.

Oh I see. Is there a way to make them all go in or all go out?

Yes. I guess you aren’t looking at the code?

Honestly, I have no clue what half of those commands are. I am very much a beginner but I know the idea I’m pursuing is probably faster to do parametrically than manually in rhino.

There is no single way to do something like this but maybe it’s beyond your skill level at this point.

P.S. Reduced ‘PtsPerLayer’ and ‘Layers’ slider values, adjusted Graph Mapper, added better chaos (yellow group).

Check this as well:

Eroded (21.8 KB)

The logic is simple:

A line is divided in points, which are the center of circles. Some circles are converted into polylines and rotated. Among other variables you can choose to have all same radii circles or varying according to a graph mapper and change the the point of highest erosion along the column (default is middle).

Note: to better convey the differences in disks, I baked the geometry and applied Edge Softening to the edges.

Btw, it is always good to specify your references, mainly so that we can find other images fast:


Thank you so much for your help. I had no idea when I embarked on this exploration it would be so complicated

Thank you so much for sharing this its amazing. Is there a way to apply this to a polysurface I have modeled in rhino? Just curious because I’m sure that’s easier said than done

Not sure without seeing the polysurface. But changes to the definition would be required that is for sure.

Try to study the code and see if you can find use in it and the re-adapt it.

I understand this is a school project and your instructor may change his mind from one day to the other, but take this into account: grasshopper definitions, and pretty much any piece of code or system of variables is best designed with a clear goal in mind. If you change your idea all the time you will need to start from scratch again.

I understand and yes, this will definitely change assuming they like it at all. I really just needed something to show tomorrow and now I have it so thank you. I’ve already started playing around with the sliders to learn more about how grasshopper works.