Designing a hexasphericon

Hello Everyone,

i want to create a hexaspericon. I tried it. But my problem is extruding the surface along a circle.

But i have seen there a always many ways to accomplish something in grasshopper so if you have another way to do create a hexaspericon. I am also intrested.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome @tobias.stach,

Have you tried sweeping along your arc like this:

Next time, don’t forget to provide a definition (GH file), since it facilitates providing help and is even kind of mandatory in this forum to get assistance!
I also invite you to read up on how to ask effective questions here. (13.4 KB)

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A hexasphericon isn’t quite that simple @HS_Kim. Half of it is rotated sixty degrees to create a continuous surface:



Thank you for letting me know and I found out that there was a toy like this for the first time.
But why did @tobias.stach checked it was solved?
Anyway, modeling isn’t that complicated. (6.0 KB)


I was puzzled by that too, since he apparently checked my post, then unchecked it:


Agreed, modeling isn’t that complicated.

I am new to this forum. I tried to give “Solution” to your answer and the first. But it always turned off one Solution. Anyway.

@tobias.stach, don’t worry about it. We’re not in first grade here, although some people seem to be competing to become teacher/OP pets.
@HS_Kim probably merits the solution best, since he provided a way to construct a real hexasphericon with his second reply. I guess I interpreted your question a little different yesterday. To me it seemed like you were simply looking for a way to “extrude the surface along a curve”.

By using the same logic and Bezier Span, easily implement the form shown on the video in the post of @Joseph_Oster .
If you combine polygon side numbers and angles, you might be able to experiment with different variety of forms. (20.1 KB)
Revised version(Adding polygon side and rotation angle parameters) (19.4 KB)


Pretty cool.

I started playing with that idea in your model, then retrofitted the rotation angle calc to my model. Surprisingly effective! (12.7 KB)

In your model, I found that any value greater than ‘1’ for the ‘B’ slider (needs a better name) causes Extend Curve to fail when the number of segments is increased:

1. The negative extension length is longer than the curve