Designer license and embeding subdomain


I am using Designer account and I wanted to use different scenes with iframe and different subdomain.
I added domain, subdomain doesn’t work.

Shapediver interface is blank and 3d model is not loaded. See image. How to solve that?

I see the domain in the domain list but not szene5, are you sure the domains correspond?

I bought Designer account for my client and this account allows only one domain. See image:

However, I have to add 5 iframes on 5 pages:

How to add 5 subdomains? on Designer account?
P.S. is currently only test site, final site for delivery projct to the client will have different domain, but I will have same problem with making 5 links with subdomains as it is now case.

We will soon allow the use of subdomains to solve this issue, but this is not yet possible at the moment. Please consider another option for the various iframes (for example, etc…). If that is not possible, get in touch with our sales team so we can work out a temporary solution.