Design ground sign help

So I’m designing a pylon/ground sign in Rhino but when I preview the render, the names of the location/tenants do not show up, they are just curves right now. How can I make them show up?

It’s hard to tell from a small screenshot but I’m guessing you have the same material applied and the text and main body? Also, if they are on the same plane and there are no fillets or rounded/chamfered edges to differentiate between writing and pylon it will look like a single surface.

Can you share part of the file?


I can share the working file as this is a sample that doesn’t contain any sensitive info. Just a file for me to learn how Rhino works and how to apply materials and then to take it into a cloud render engine like Lagoa.

Essentially I want the bottom half below the wave to have a different texture from the top, the “mohawk” to illuminate, ‘Emergency’ to glow like its just white exposed acrylic, and the arrows/names to have a different texture from the background.

samplemono.3dm (1.0 MB)

You’re using hatches on the 3D model rather than applying materials… Have a look at the model now.

I used _WireCut and _Split to do that.

Assign different materials to the different surfaces, you can explode the 3D parts to single surfaces to colour them which is a little more accessible than texture mapping.

Take a look here for future reference:

Sample_01.3dm (3.8 MB)

I’m on a Mac, I don’t see where the options are for the different types of texture mapping are.

As well when applying the texture I noticed two things, 1: panels have the grain running in different directions and 2: the centres of the text do not have the textures applied to them.