Design a solid propeller in rhino

How to design a solid model propeller in rhino ?
The type is wageningen b-day.


Did you Look at that ?
It is enough for visualisation

Thanks for your answer. But, my propeller is wageningen b-series and my propeller data from propcad.

What format is your propeller data in?

The Format is macro file (.txt)

Maybe this site can generate the geometry and export as STEP, which you can import into Rhino…

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I mean the propeller data from propcad to rhino is macro file (.txt) and the format to rhino just it. thanks

You can post the macro file here so we can see, but I doubt it will help much as it’s probably “macros” for propcad commands.

Propeller_Wisyono_hub.txt (272 Bytes)
Propeller_Wisyono_blade.txt (26.8 KB)

thats my propeller macro file

that was not too difficult, you have just to open the file and copy then in Rhino command line !!!
It is also possible to use Grasshopper (29.2 KB)


Thanks for sharing Laurent!

No problem
I just hope you speak of my first answer :wink:. Propellers were one of the reason I began to use grasshopper. I use that to model ship for rendering purpose, most of the time propellers are not visible but I like beautiful ones. Now I model Damen Fast Crew Ship 5009. It has beatiful propellers


Nice GH script, it even worked pretty well in v6. I did a 5 blade and baked it and then rebuilt the blades in Rhino to much simpler surfs and did a blend srf for a better foiled leading edge and then a bunch of trrimming on the tips and trailing edge to get a cleaver sort of hard edge there. I dropped some outboard lower units parts into it and some materials and there are ss’s which I think look better that ray traced in v6. Need to spend more time on that but I’m waiting for the plugin upgrade for my favorite Octane.


Thanks, for your reply

Can I ask for your contact, so that we can further discuss this matter.