Design a road

Hello, I am new to rhino
can you plase tell me how can I design a road. Which command do you recommend?

And if it is possible to insert a map from google maps so I can track the map and draw the road?
Thank you

Hi Manos - I guess I’d suggest familiarizing yourself with various curve commands and tools

Curve, Line, Polyline, Arc,BlendCrv, ArcBlend, Match, Split, Trim, Join, Gcon, Offset… undoubtedly more but I would imagine those tools would come into play.

Use PictureFrame to place images to trace.


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There is this plugin for Grasshopper,

i think it will let you import maps from Google that you can use as reference.

Thank you for your help. I found a plug in called CADtoEarth so I can import a map from googlemaps in rhino. However I get this error when i try to open Google earth through rhino. Do you know something about that?
Error constructing CesiumWidget.
Visit to verify that your web browser and hardware support WebGL. Consider trying a different web browser or updating your video drivers. Detailed error information is below:
RuntimeError: The browser supports WebGL, but initialization failed.
at new t (
at new k (
at new de (
at new P (
at new Z (
at cesiumInit (


I tried with sketchup once… I think and it could get the terrains out of google map.
…I think it was sketchup…

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Hi Manos - I’d get in touch with CADToEarth, but in the meantime, a screen capture image may do it as well.


thank you for the answer. I would like to import a map because it is quite a large area. I would like to model an area in Denmark. If there is any other way I will use screen shots from Google maps but it will be time consuming and not very accurate since I have to find a way to adjust the scale of the images.

Hi Manos - I guess then, asking the CADToEarth folks about the errors is the best place to start.


Dear Pascal,
I am already in contact with them but until now I have not figured out something.
I have tried to import an image as JPEG or PNG file with the command ‘picture frame’ but all i get is a white image. Do you know why?

Hi Manos - it might be your graphic card doesn’t support this feature. If you go to Options > View > Opengl > Which graphic card do you have? Are the drivers up to date?

You could also try adding another image with PictureFrame to see if it’s the graphic card or that specific JPG that is having trouble loading.

Hello Manos

Have you solved the problem of CADTOEARTH ?
I try to use it and have the same problem…
Can you please help me?


Hi Rachel,

That’s not a Rhino error. The error is coming is probably coming from the CADToEarth plugin. You need to contact the developers of this plugin to see how they can be of help.