Deselect non-planar surfaces


is there a way to deselect all non-planar surfaces in Rhino 5?

Hi Konrad - not without a script I think. I’ll see if I can make you something in a bit here. (291 Bytes)

Put the script file here:
/Users/NAME/Library/Application\ Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Scripts

annd then make a macro for
_-RunPythonScript DeselectPlanarSurfaces

Heh, sorry - that was planar, I’ll make one for non… (295 Bytes)


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Rhino 5
not sure if there is
so you can selPlanarSrf → look them → select the rest.
you can also work with colors, layers, names instead of looking / unlooking

Hi Pascal,

works perfectly! thank you so much! This is a great help in the early stages of my modelling process to check for planarity, which is often lost when pushing control points around.

unfortunately _selPlanarSrf is not available in R5