Deselect CTRL+SHIFT+Drag-selected elements?

Hey all, CTRL+SHIFT+Drag selecting components of polysurfaces is quite handy and I use it everyday. What I wonder is if there is an option to deselect several unwanted elements after dragging. thanks H

You can unselect some of them by COMMAND+Click or COMMAND+Drag.
Doesn’t matter if you hit otherobejects by chance, cause it works only on those already selected.
Btw: Dragging from left to right selects (or unselects) all elements within the rectangle, from right to left it selects all elements just touched by the rectangle.

Sorry, just forgot the CTRL - it’s the hidden tip CTRL+SHIFT+drag over a portion of a polysurface would select the sub-components — then deselecting doesn’t work…

Cheers, H

btw: You can even CTRL+SHIFT+Click to select those subcomponents

Now i see. Command-Click deselects ALL subcomponents in that case … that’s strange.

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Exactly! :slight_smile: but thanks for getting into this!

Yes. and Ctrl+Shift+Click-ing a second time on a selected sub object will deselect it again… However, it does not work on extrusion objects… think that’s a bug… looks like it has been addressed for V6.