Deploying templates - persistent settings: plugin version not working

Hi i am trying to implement this to my plugin;

but i am not getting any value of version form persistent settings), in foolowing line of code:
// Get the version number of our plugin, that was last used, from our settings file.
var plugin_version = Settings.GetString(“PlugInVersion”, null);

so i am assuming also this does not work:
// Save the version number of this plugin to our settings file.
Settings.SetString(“PlugInVersion”, Version);

if i omit this version check, rest of script works and it will restage toolabar on every load.
is there any change between rhino 6 and 7 as guide is for rhino 6 (i have edited path to 7.0)

It should work, I am using it in Rhino 7 even for EULA check:

When loaded for first time, this string will be empty.