Deploy .rhp files across a network of users

There’s a lot of crucial functionality in Rhino that can only be achieved with scripts.

For .py files, these are easy, because you put them on the network and share a toolbar file which has the absolute path pointing to it and you’re done.

But .rhp files need to first be unblocked (something very few Windows users have done) and then drag and dropped into Rhino.

That’s not really optimal when it comes to getting (possibly reluctant) people to try Rhino.

Does anyone have a method for converting .rhp files to .py so they no longer have to be “installed”?

.rhp files could contain other than python scripts - you can compile VB and C# Programs into plugins as well (AFAIK). Also one of the main reasons to use an .rhp is to facilitate installation via drag and drop, as well as ‘protect’ the code from casual inspection/copying…

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