Deploy Grasshopper plugin from ProgramFiles location

Quick question. Is it possible to deploy a Grasshopper plugin from a location that is not inside of Grasshopper’s Components/Libraries folders? Meaning, can I create a location in ProgramFiles for my plugin, and then tell Grasshopper to look for it there?

It appears to be possible with Rhino plugins via Registry fields that can point to RUI files. Is a similar method available for Grasshopper?


Yes, you have several options:

  1. Install your plugin using an RHI package (that probably doesn’t give you the freedom you’re after)
  2. Edit the xml settings to include the folder you’ve installed your plugin in. This can be done via the UI using the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings command, but it’s just xml, so you can do it through code as well.
  3. Put a text file with a .ghlink extension in the usual folder from where GH loads plugins and add the location of your folder as the content to that file. This functions as a loading shortcut.

I recommend the last option if at all possible.

Sounds like a plan David. Thanks, I will check them out.

As a PS. Is this still the best method to do the same with a Rhino plugin?

If you must write your own installer… I highly recommend putting it on our package manager server though.