Deny visible in right view is this done?

I need to make arrows I am plotting visible in top, bott, perspective and right view.
they are simple lines with spheres on end, sphere (arrow tip) being the end touching the flge.
Initially I had gone for a tick end but now adding spheres for more immediate effect,( less clutter).
(no time to edit those initially done)

I dont want to see ‘arrows’ for photos of the stbd fuselage visible in an ortho view of port.
If I use send to back they dont appear in left or right view !

I dont want shaded view acting as if its see through !

I want a solid view acting as such, what do I need to do to these indicators so they behave as if the model was a sausage and they were cocktail sticks stuck in the one side of it ?

Likewise those in port side are only seen when views allow sight of that area, be that peeking over the top of the fuselage, or the ortho port side etc.


Hi Steve - you can make a Layout and then use HideInDetail or hide the layer per detail.


Hi Pascal,
Is this something I do after I have created the model, as I need it to hide stbd arrows whilst viewing the port flge side and vice versa during the adding of the arrows as I am seeing confusing objects /lines with the surface acting as if its translucent.
I am not sure why ‘shaded ’ view hs to act as if its translucent, there is no view where the object is SOLID’ in all sense of the word. just how confusing is that view above !

A quick search on Rhino3D layout shows me something that seems to be after the build, when I am working in the usual 4 view windows at the moment.

Any tuts on it welcome, again no time in that case to do it when racing against clock here.


How about putting the arrows, etc on their own layer or sublayers and turning them on and off as needed - at least for a stopgap approach. Or didn’t I quite understand your problem correctly?

Hi, that would and wouldnt resolve it, it would kill any chance of seeing port arrows when working on stbd side, but there is also a ned to see what one might see if the solid behaved as a solid, with the tails of the arrows sticking out, and as I work on it I might wish to view both sides in top view or perspective, so would be turning layers on and off, and I have view fwd orange so an orange layer, and view aft blue, so 4 layers would exist.
If only the shaded view gave solidity and denied see thru.