HI forum,

Again I dealing with something that even without knowing grasshopper it seems I should learn it soon.

I am trying to create a dented belt. I have a limit boundary where the “peaks” should be and then the limit for the “valley”. My attempt was to divide the line by X amount and then use the middle to push it against the “valley” limit. Now that I write it I understand how stupid is that…of course the segments are not the same…so when I array them on the curve…they were overlapping…

Is there anyway you think I could attempt to do this ? I imagine it is…is it grasshopper…?

What is a “dented” belt?

(and I think Flow along Curve might be what is needed)

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Pretty easy with GH, just split the curve where you want to make the feature and input those curves like (9.5 KB)
180810_zip.3dm (2.5 MB)

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Oh I finished , but I will try this just for fun ! Thanks Brian.

Here a sample of what I done or wanted to achieve: