Dental Scanner with 3dm Format

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for an accurate 3D Dental scanner with ability to export the scanned file in 3dm format.

The aim is to get the 3dm file and create grills (grillz) with invisible princes cut diamonds.

Can anyone suggest a scanner?

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Hi Kayvon,

There is no scanner that will save a 3dm file. By 3dm I assume you are referring to Nurbs surfaces and not simply importing the mesh result from scanning into a 3dm file.

This is a reverse engineering process to create nurbs surfaces from scans. There are a few tools, but the industry standard seems to be DesignX.

In the Rhino world, there is a plugin called Mesh2Surface that has some of the DesignX functionality at a significantly lesser cost.

There is no push button result to reverse engineer a quality nurbs model. It is best to understand the surfacing tools in Rhino and perhaps add supplemental software like Mesh2Surface that might make the process more efficient.