Density pipes

Hello! I hope you are well, I have a query regarding the grasshopper program in which I am trying to generate from a module in which they are located to form a total volume in which they are composed from curves that work in the x,y,z axis in order to generate connections between each other. The idea or what is sought to be generated within this is to generate a filling in the corbas that degrades from its height, I explain more in images but I seek to generate a density in its tubes as if they started from a base of greater density and then in the last levels it seeks to generate a lower density than the other levels. I tried with multipipe and other programs but they didn’t get me the result I was looking for, besides that with the multipipe command, it generates more weight for the file. It would be very helpful if you could understand or how to work with the file to obtain these results.
Thank you very much in advance for your time.

density pipes.3dm (6.8 MB)

When you say more density in layers, what defines your layers?

Are you looking to have it decrease in density more toward the top of the overall form?

If that is the case, you could sort the lines based on their Z values by deconstructing the point output of the “Curve Middle”, using Sort List with the deconstructed Z value as the sort Key an the Lines as the Attributes to be sorted.

Then with that sorted list you could leverage a random reduce or different reduce method to cull however many lines you want by weighting the culling method against the Z values and overall list count. (23.0 KB)

Don’t know what you mean but this is made with the plugin Intralattice.