Demo adjustable shelves

Hello ShapeDiver Support Team,

Would it be possible to share the grasshopper definition for your demo, I am really interested to see how you guys achieved the adjustable shelves. Thank you for your help in advance!


Jonas Blazinskas

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We will share a version of this bookshelf soon. However, in the current plugin it is not possible to define interactive elements in the online viewer directly in Grasshopper, it necessitates a well organized definition and some API work. I’ll share the full example here once it’s documented.

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Thank you, how was the issue with shelf landing on the same position overcame? As well is there a guide somewhere on how to make the objects in this case the shelf drag able within the embed and how would that correlate to the shelf index?

Awesome looking forward to it, thank you!

Using zero to one sliders for shelf position: (21.0 KB)

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All of the code including all API calls and settings for would also be very interesting!

Additionally would love to see how the workflow in naming of individual items was handled in this grasshopper definition .

Hi Mathieu,

Any progress with sharing the full example?

Hi @mathieu1, +1 for this from me. I was on my onboarding call with Ezequiel this morning and asked him this if I could see the gh definition behind this model and he pointed me to this forum. Even if the definition is not fully ready for primetime it would really help if I could see it, to get some valuable pointers.

Iain (anysizeflatpack on ShapeDiver).