Deliver information from boolean to vector

hey guys,
So, I have an area with several buildings. each one has different height. now I entered thus heights into component “larger than” so I will get buildings with specific height. now I want to take thus height and show only them in the area, but the information arrive as boolean(true.false) and I need to change it back to real height. how can I do that?


Use ‘dispatch’ with your original list and the list of booleans as inputs. If you upload your file I can show you how


my code is quite heavy right not, so I can’t upload it.

is there a better way to deliver the data? the code crashing each time I’m connecting the components.
(there are 3079 Vectors)

I suspect maybe your data trees don’t match up and you get a lot of calculations but without a file there is no way to know.

I made an example file for you how you can seperate your list of buildings (or vectors) via the output of the “larger then” component.

building (14.1 KB)

yeah, you were right!
once I placed the sort list back to the original lists, it worked.

thx a lot!