Deleting objects on reference layers

After sectioning an object (external block) that is on a reference layer, I’m unable to then delete (or export) the curves from the section. Exploding the section lines prompts a warning about deleting the objects. To click through the “OK’s” is a lesson in patience.


Do you mean running the Section command? There is a command line option for the oputput layer - for linked blocks this should never be the reference layer I would say - that is a bug, but I’d set it to output to the current layer.



Yes, the objects were created using the Section command. Unfortunately, I needed other objects within the section to be outputted to their respective Input Layer.
Now the the deed is done, is there a way to “free” them from the reference layer so they can be exported and/or deleted?

Hello- you can Copy > InPlace to get them onto the current layer. Looks like you need to save and re-open the parent file to get rid of the reference layer objects.

RH-71951 Section: output layer tune up


That did it. Thx, again Pascal.