Deleting in V6



Is anyone having trouble with V6’s delete process?

It used to be instant… and now it seems to “take it’s time”. I’m running the latest version of V6 with Windows 10. When I delete elements of the same file in V5 it is instant. When I delete in V6 the process takes several seconds with geometry slowly disappearing line by line.

I’ve made a little screencast showing what is happening and sent it to McNeel last week. I wonder if anyone looking at it is having a similar experience?



I think I’ve had it as well. And I’ve had it with copying to clipboard as well, that it takes way longer in V6.

(Pascal Golay) #3

Hi Cosmas - I have not seen this - I can you post or send me the file?

@cosmas - I got the file and I see the same problem - so far the difference I see is that objects that pause on delete have NamedPosition data on them. Still poking…




Hey @pascal

I’ve had the same problem, where it looks like an animation of deleting lines. No NamedPosotion, etc. Is it possible to send you a personal message with the file? It’s for a show and I can’t post it to gen public unfortunately.


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Hi Alan - yes, please send me a file that shows the problem - thanks. If it is large, zip and upload to my attentiion at




EDIT: Ok, so the info below (see past breakline) was after I had made a “Save As” file named “For Pascal…” for uploading to you, Pascal. In that file, I deleted the 3D geometry layer, and the problem seemed fixed.

But I just went into my original file and tried the same fix. Somehow the Deleting problem persists, even with no 3D geometry/NamedPosition in there.

So now I’m back at square-one. Help appreciated, thanks!

Why oh why is it that I always see something AFTER I post? :joy:

@pascal - When you look at the file I uploaded, I do indeed have a layer names 3D which has geometry with the NamedPosition on it. Haven’t gone into that layer for a while I forgot I even had it there.

I deleted the “3D” layer, and voila! No delete delay problem.

THAT SAID: I do have some sort of problem with the dimensions flying off that I noted in the the comments field (from a different thread)

Thanks and sorry I didn’t catch my mistake sooner!

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Hi Alan - thanks - that’s good actually, it supports my thought that NamedPosition data is the culprit.

@Alan_Farkas - I see a ton of plug-in user data in the file you sent me - I don’t think it’s the problem we’re looming at but I cannot determine what plug-in is responsible - did this file originate in V5?




No, originated in v6


Hey @Pascal,

Can you tell me how you saw there’s Named Position data in my file? Cause when I look at the Named Position panel there’s nothing there.

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Hi Cosmas - I selected one of the objects that is slow to delete and ran the What command. All of the slow objects, so far, show NamedPosition object data and the normal-to-delete ones do not.



Hi @Pascal, How do you delete the name position data?

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Yeah, good question. You can always save with no plug-in data (SaveAs or Export) but this is heavy handed, global not selective as to plug-in data. I’m going to need professional help here - if I open Alan’s file in a fresh Rhino, Delete works normally. If I open Cosmas’ file Delete is slow; if I then open Alan’s file again in the same instance, Delete is slow. I’ll make a bug report and let the bigger brains sort it out. If I learn anything that will help in the short term, I’ll shout.

Testing more, it appears to be the combination of grouping and named positions that causes this.

Thanks, y’all.



K, great, thanks. Look forward to a fix for sure.

And maybe I should make a fresh Thread for this, but in that same file, @pascal, I’m having trouble with BringToFront, etc. If I copy/paste into fresh file, I can bring to front no prob. Copy/paste back into orig file, no good again - loses its sorting.

Just to test, also, I create some new geometry with sorting in the Fresh file, then copy/paste into that File of mine you have, and it comes in the correct order, but again can’t BringToFront and change it.

Major bummer, and hurting my workflow for sure.



So here’s a weird one maybe. I copied/posted some simple 2D geometry into a new file, with almost nothing in it, and I’m still getting the Delete problem. Will upload to that link you send earlier.

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Hi Alan - use ClearDrawOrder if things get confused, then apply BringToFront etc, - is that better?

@Alan_Farkas - so far copy/paste back and forth with the hatches in your file works as expected here. If you can give a blow by blow to repeat the problem you see, please start a new conversation with those details - thanks.





will do in a bit, thanks