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Hi @tomtomryanryan

For a pyramid tent like this I think that maybe mesh relaxation is not going to be much help.

Relaxation is useful when you have more complex hyperbolic geometry (i.e. with saddle shaped regions of negative Gaussian curvature), and there it can find the form where all directions of the fabric are in tension.

Here though, each face of the pyramid will be close to a flat or developable surface, just with a little sag.
I’d guess the easier way here would be to continue with NURBS or SubD, modelling the main form, then adjusting control points to get the desired sag, and details like the curved edges and the flap.

Woah! The man, the myth, the legend!

Hi Daniel, thanks, will try.

Thanks for the reply,

What’s the idea of deleting a topic containing an expert reply from @DanielPiker ?