Deleted thread?

Someone created a thread early yesterday that has now been deleted. I spent hours working on it and posted several replies, as did @magicteddy. The thread had two files included:

  • Surface.3dm
  • Calculate mass (M3) from

I’m not happy at all about the work that was lost. Why did this happen?

Shall I repost the files?

Hold on, let me discuss this internally. I do see that thread as well as one other that has been removed upon request of the OP.

I’m pretty shocked that my careful work and replies can be deleted without any reason given? I don’t remember what I wrote but still have the GH files, Rhino file and images.

This is also my concern. The post is still there so I suspect we can bring some that information back. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you.

That one was my bad. I typically only honor those if it’s just a single post, which i didn’t check in this case.

Thanks for your efforts Joseph.

Thank you for restoring the deleted thread:

I am puzzled that two users seemed to 'own" that thread, the original PetterGen and someone this morning that appeared to be the same person with a different name: Heidi ? (Petterfel ?)

My inclination is to ignore them both. Feel free to delete this thread if we are done here?

The only advantage in having two accounts… you can have a discussion with yourself.

I have ignored both PetterGen and Petterfel forever.

One more vote to hide topics from ignored users from the topic summary.


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I find the replies in some topics very interesting and worthwhile, even though I have ignored the person who started the thread. Usually not forever but some offenses are serious enough to deserve that, like deleting a good thread.

I’m on a sailing forum where new owners replaced the software, Unlike before, topics/threads created by ignored users are hidden, which is not good at all! Many good replies are hidden too.

And yeah, anyone who starts a thread can delete it with no admin check to protect hundreds of replies, which has been extremely annoying a few times. Inconsiderate people!! :rage:

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I wasn’t initially planning to respond, but since you’ve called me out, I feel compelled to explain my perspective. Firstly, I want to express my gratitude for the forum as I found the help I needed to calculate the volume of a ditch. However, I also asked about the possibility of optimizing the process by using Galapagos with fewer geometries, which I found challenging as a newcomer to grasshopper. Unfortunately, your response to my inquiry was discouraging and made me feel embarrassed. Your comment, “why would you do that?” and the subsequent “facepalm emoji” left me feeling that my post was worthless and foolish. Consequently, I felt compelled to delete it.

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