Delete UserObject does not work on MacOS


I noticed a small bug using custom UserObjects. When I try and delete them from within Grasshopper, nothing seems to happen. The only way to remove them is to go to the actual UserObjects folder and manually delete them.

I can make a new UserObject just fine, and add it to a new toolbar just fine

but then if I right-click and select ‘delete’, (note, the text note in the popup is clipped as well?)

which does not do anything to the file in the UserObjects folder.

If I go in and manually delete it, it does all work that way though, and the toolbar updates as expected.


  • Macbook 2021, Apple M1 Max
  • OS 12.2 (Monterey)
  • Rhino Version 7 (7.15.22039.13002, 2022-02-08)

all the best,

Thanks for reporting, I’ll try and replicate this and file a bug report. I think just the message needs to be fixed.