Delete SubD Vertex

It worked. Thank you for such a quick answer.

Seems like a thorny issue. In fairness, the behaviour is the same on meshes too after a quick look. I guess I just expected in these ‘undeletable’ cases that it would act more like CollapseMeshVertex or Stitch.

I would’ve said, the pattern is that points on naked edges would merge into one. But, perhaps that’s not in the spirit of how SubD should work. I’m not experienced in it at all, so don’t wish to make anything ‘unexpected’.

If you have, say, a mesh pentagon, ngon, you can’t delete any vertices for example. Jakob is still right that you should be, in such cases, thinking ‘Stitch’ and not ‘Delete’.

… deleting the internal edge will achieve the wanted result:
delete edge

Deleting a vertex just “merge all faces it touched into a single face” (citing Dale from YT)

Yeah I solved that in my first post too. But in reverse, as I started out with an ngon and wanted to get to a quad.

Oh, sorry.
Another temp workaround can be Stitch.
! _Stitch _Pause _Pause Second _Enter
ask you for 2 vertexes and practically deletes the first.
(the second vertex needs to be connected with the first… or you’ll have ugly results)

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delete the faces not the verts…