Delete rough edges surface (1.8 MB) I have rough edges. I tried smoothing but the output should remain a SURFACE… when I change the spacing of the planes, it errors and creates a weird loft. image


No it’s not the same @Joseph_Oster , please try to understand the topic. They are related but not the same. tnx

The reason this happens is obvious, that kink is your last profile on each side. A single surface has 4 edges.

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your data structures in curves are a little unorganized and because of that you cant increase the number of curves and have a clean loft, Honestly, I can"t figured out how to continue your data set in curves so I try another way!
I simply Used the “Contour” Component to generate the Curves we need and then try to Loft them. But the Corners you highlighted steel remains because of what @Michael_Pryor Said Before!
I hope this is helpful.
For (1.8 MB)