Delete RenderMaterial in C# RhinoCommon

Is it possible to remove material from RenderMaterialTable in C #.


It is not implemented in V5. In V6 use RhinoDoc.RenderMaterials.Remove


I’m using Rhino6 SR35 (rhinocommon 6.35.21222.17001) and RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.RenderMaterials does not seem to have a Remove() method. I wonder if this was replaced by another method or if there is another way of deleting a RenderMaterial in Rhino 6.

What about Delete()? MaterialTable.Delete Method

It is weird, but Rhino.DocObjects.Tables.MaterialTable does not seem to have Delete(), which seems to be available since Rhino 6.0 and my rhinocommon says 6.35.
There is also RhinoDoc.ActiveDoc.Materials.DeleteAt(), but I guess it won’t delete render materials?

That is strange. Also, I realized you were looking specifically for the RenderMaterialsTable… and it seems like the Remove method should have been implemented in v.6 as well. RenderMaterialTable.Remove Method

I found the mistake, my plug-in is targeting rhinocommon from Rhino 6, but I also have a library project that was still targeting Rhino 5.

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