Delete multiple mesh faces

I’m trying to delete multiple mesh faces, and it seems I have to select the faces one by one in many cases.

Sometimes I can grab a bunch of faces with a crossing window, but this only seems to work if I am at the outer edges of a mesh. Maybe it’s only when the window crosses the entire edge of a face?

The really long skinny triangles are hard to select too, and a window doesn’t grab them.

Is there a way to select a bunch of faces where the window crosses the face, but not the entire edge?
In some cases if I went out to the edge, I would get the faces on both sides of the edge. I can’t seem to figure out an efficient way to do this, I have a lot of mesh faces that need deletion (to clean up after messy mesh trim)

Yeah, this is a classic problem, I share your pain…

I don’t know if you try ExtractConnectedMeshFaces and play with the angle, sometimes you can get the group you want to select, then just hit delete once the faces are extracted. You can also try extracting by aspect ratio and put some largish number in there, that might select only the long, skinny triangles you want.


Hi Tyler- yeah- you need to get the vertices in the selection. This will all work better in V6…


Makes sense now. I thought I was thinking edges. Thanks!